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Event/On-site Medical Standby

In order to address various emergency situations, particularly at large-scale events such as sports competitions, music festivals, and exhibitions, our medical standby services are designed to meet the increased healthcare demands of large crowds.

These events can attract thousands or even tens of thousands of participants, necessitating heightened medical services for the crowd. Event medical standby services help provide on-site medical teams to effectively manage and respond to healthcare issues within the massive crowd.
  • They are stationed at specific locations

Onsite ambulance standby .Our onsite ambulance services are using highly qualified, multi-disciplinarily personnel and custom designed, fully equipped ambulances, Prospect Ambulance provides emergency medical support and services to public and private healthcare providers on a retainer basis throughout the year and are available 24/7 on call.

As an outsource ambulance service supplier, we can equip your vehicle ready to go, including Cardiac Monitoring, Ventilator, infusion pump and syringe pump.

While we are taking care of patients in our ambulance, our interior ambulance layout minimises patient's potential injury and improves working conditions for our staff and healthcare professionals.

Inter-hospital transfers of critically ill patients from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and High Dependency Unit (HDU) remains the core focus of our service. Each transfer is managed depending on the nature of the underlying illness, co-morbidity, level of depencency and risk of deterioration during transfer. Our approach to the safe transfer of the critically ill is that the standard of care and monitoring during the transfer should be at least as good, if not better, than that of the referring hospital or base unit.

We have a dedicated team of experienced Registered Nurses and Medical Assistant as part of the crew to undertake this area of specialised transport. Their knowledge, experience and training ensure clinical safety at every stage of the transfer.

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