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Cross-Border Medical Transportation

Our cross-border medical transportation service focuses on the regions of Singapore and Thailand. Whether you are in Singapore, Thailand, or require medical transfers between these two countries, we provide professional and reliable services.

With an experienced team, we ensure the delivery of high-quality healthcare during cross-border transport. Our service goes beyond mere physical transfer; it includes the accompaniment of a specialized medical team, ensuring that patients receive optimal medical care throughout the entire process.

We are committed to offering safe, comfortable, and efficient solutions for individuals in need of international medical services. Whether it's an emergency or a scheduled medical transfer, we provide comprehensive support.

To utilize our services, you need to provide the following information:

1. Patient Information:
  • Full name of the patient
  • Age and gender
  • Contact details (phone number, email, etc.)

2. Medical Information:
  • Patient's medical records
  • Current health condition and diagnosis
  • Ongoing treatments and medications

3. Current and Destination Details:
  • Detailed address of the patient's current location
  • Detailed address of the destination

4. Emergency Contact Information:
  • Name and contact details of an emergency contact reachable at the destination

5. Contact Information for Doctors or Medical Professionals:
  • Contact details for the patient's current doctor or treatment team

6. Special Needs or Requests:
  • Presence of any special medical equipment or care needs
  • Any specific requests or concerns related to medical transport

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