24 Hours Ambulance Services in Johor Bahru (Malaysia - Singapore - Thailand) | Open 24 Hours

Emergency And Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

We provide emergency and non-emergency medical transportation services with 24-hour availability, ensuring readiness for any urgent situation.

We equipped with professional emergency ambulance services, we respond promptly to emergencies, offering a safe and comfortable transport environment for patients. Our services include a medical team escort to ensure patients receive expert medical care throughout the transportation process. We offer bed-to-bed patient transfer services, ensuring continuous medical care throughout the entire transport.

In addition to local services, we provide cross-border ambulance transfers covering Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. We also offer medical support for various events and special occasions, ensuring swift action in case of on-site medical needs.

Our services include the rental of medical oxygen in 10L and 47L capacities, as well as the rental and sale of oxygen concentrators to meet diverse patient oxygen therapy requirements. Whether in emergency or non-emergency situations, our commitment is to provide safe, professional, and comfortable medical transportation services for patients.

If there is a sudden emergency around you or someone at home urgently needs medical treatment, please contact us immediately.
You will need to provide us with the following information:
  • Current location
  • Contact person's name and information upon arrival

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